Our Story Spans More Than 100 Years

TRANSFORMATION As early as 1910, DUNBAR had established a reputation for providing the ultimate in quality handcrafted products to America’s most discriminating clientele. The original custom DUNBAR creations were the finest buggies and horse drawn carriages for the gentry class. With the introduction of the automobile, DUNBAR wisely transformed into one of America’s premier fine furnishings companies.

WORMLEY In 1931, destiny brought Edward J Wormley, a young twenty three year old furniture designer with a fresh new perspective, to the doors of DUNBAR. A gifted designer and student of furniture history, Wormley inspired a global perspective and was instrumental in the introduction of world-class design philosophies into the American interior landscape. With a passion for quality and an eye for detail, Wormley found a perfect partner for his talent in DUNBAR, and remained with the company as Design Director for over three decades.

THE DUNBAR ERA During the middle of the 20th century, DUNBAR and Edward J Wormley became true icons in American design and furniture history. In 1950, The Chicago Merchandise Mart joined with the Museum of Modern Art to sponsor the GOOD DESIGN exhibition. The annual exhibition, designed to commend selected home furnishings for their “excellent appearance and progressive performance,” was often a platform of recognition for DUNBAR. Over a three year period, Wormley’s creations for DUNBAR dominated the exhibition with an astonishing thirty unique designs receiving GOOD DESIGN designations.

THE LEGACY Today, DUNBAR Furniture continues the legacy of design integrity and innovation in the spirit of Wormley. Our focus remains on providing custom specified handcrafted furnishings designed by Edward J Wormley. The introduction of new designs from exciting International designers is also on the horizon. DUNBAR Furniture is now part of the 21st century with the mission of providing timeless designs to an International audience.