We desire new things because we like change, but these discoveries must join our existing possessions without friction. Rarely does modern furniture accomplish this critical requirement, yet Edward J Wormley’s revered designs for DUNBAR have achieved it exquisitely. DUNBAR furniture is of no period, but finds its place gracefully within the fine objects of yesterday and innovative discoveries of tomorrow. Often referred to as “the best of our time,” DUNBAR has provided proud owners the ultimate in comfort and beauty for nearly a century.

Handcrafted in America to custom specifications, DUNBAR proves that the machine has not altogether replaced the hand in the making of fine furniture. Inspired by the pride of craftsmanship, DUNBAR has placed the ability to make the best above the temptation to make the most. DUNBAR furnishings are a sound investment in beauty and comfort, with each piece having been superbly constructed of only the very best, to truly last for generations.

In His Own Words

“Furniture is needed for practical reasons, and because it must be there, it may as well be as pleasant as possible to look at, and in a less definable psychological way, comforting to the spirit.”

“Modernism means freedom—freedom to mix, to choose, to change, to embrace the new but to hold fast to what is good.”